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December 2022 Events


Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, 
before the days of adversity come ...
Remember Him before the silver cord is snapped 
and the golden bowl is crushed, before the pitcher is shattered 
at the spring and the wheel is broken at the well ... 
Ecclesiastes 12:1,6

Like a River Glorious // Sounds Like Reign

Celestial Signs - Genesis 1:14, Psalm 19

Dec 1 - Moon and Jupiter hanging close together in the sky after sunset on December 1. They’ll pair up again before 2022 draws to a close.
Dec 6-8 - 
Dec 7 - Pearl Harbor Day
Dec 7, 2022 at 8:08 pm PST - Full "Cold" Moon
Moon and Mars in the horns of Taurus
Dec 8 Jerusalem at 6:08 am
The moon and Mars were spectacular on the night of December 7-8, 2022. Some saw the moon occult – or pass in front of – Mars.

December 9 and 10, 2022, find the waning gibbous moon glowing near Castor and Pollux, the twin stars of Gemini. 

1963 - Moonshot / JFK / Moon-Jupiter-Pisces
Dec 7, 1972 - 50th anniversary of NASA's Apollo 17
Dec 19, 1972 - Apollo 17 return after a 12-day mission
Dec 28/29, 2022 - Moon & Jupiter together in Pisces (Latin: “Fishes”)

Jupiter is now at its closest to Earth since 1963, and it won’t be this close for another 107 years. The next time Jupiter will come this close will be in 2129.
Other than the moon, Jupiter is the brightest object in the sky this month (although red Mars – now near its December 7 opposition is a close second).
Jupiter reached its opposition on September 26. In December 2022, the king of planets is up all evening and sets around midnight.

See all 5 (7) bright planets in December 2022

Look up as nightfall approaches, look for Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars.
On December 24th (shown here) they're joined by a very young Moon.

8 Planets visible on 8th Day of Hanukkah!! 

Dec 29 - Close approach of the Moon and Jupiter

Visible planets and night sky guide January 2023
January evenings: Venus and Saturn near each other

Mazzaroth - The Gospel in the Stars

What's in the Sky

Biblical Calendar – Starts in the spring
There is also a Civil calendar that begins with Rosh Hashanah in the fall.
Month – Religious/Civil on Hebrew calendar / Corresponding Gregorian months
9 / 3
November / December

Winter rains begin (snow in some areas) – Hanukkah / Feast of Dedication
Tibeth (Tivet)

Esther 2:16

9th Month – Kislev – Winter rains begin (snow in some areas) – Hanukkah / Feast of Dedication
10th Month – Tebeth –  Esther 2:16
       begins after the sighting of the new moon in Jerusalem
  Historical events by Hebrew date:
On Kislev 15, 168 BCE, Antiochus Epiphanes erected a statue of Zeus, but with his own face, on top of the holy altar in the Temple. Ten days later, on Kislev 25, the birthday of Zeus.
Kislev 15 = Dec 8/9, 2022
Kislev 25 = Dec 18/19, 2022

Timeline –

Kislev is the ninth month on God’s calendar. According to E.W. Bullinger, the number nine, the last of the digits, signifies the conclusion of a matter. Furthermore, as a sum of the factors of the number six, the number nine is significant of the end of man, or the summation of man’s works, and thus the number of finality or judgment.

For many Hawaiians, lava flows are a time to honor, reflect, pray, make offerings and honor both the natural and spiritual worlds. 

“At that time Michael, the great prince 
who stands watch over your people, will rise up. 
There will be a time of distress, 
the likes of which will not have occurred from the beginning of nations until that time. 
But at that time your people— 
everyone whose name is found written in the book— will be delivered.

Daniel 12:1

Prayers of encouragement and joy in the journey!
Romans 12:12
As the elite award themselves and this world's abominations increase, yet we are safe in the tower of the Lord awaiting our royal destiny!
John 14:2–23

28 Nov - 1 Dec 1943 - UN Tehran Conference (December 1943)

There has been much pomp and circumstance as November and December rolled in! Lavish celebrations by the elite of this world. 
11-22-22 - Buckingham Palace: Royal State Banquet with South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa
12-1-22 - White House State Dinner with France's Emmanuel Macron
12-2-22 - Macron in New Orleans, LA - 1st French president to visit the  Crescent City in almost 50 years.
12-2-22 - Pope Francis met with world “Leaders for Peace”  
12-2-22 - Prince William Visits John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
12-2-22 - JFKF partners Earthshot Prize at MGM Music Hall, Boston
Earthshot. Moonshot. How do these terms connect the British Royal Family to “American royalty”: the Kennedys?
12-4-22 - 45th Kennedy Center Honors - East Room of the White House 
Dec 4-6 - Israel president Isaac Herzog first trip to Bahrain with crown prince
Dec 7-9 - Rome, 1st Annual Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit
Dec 8 - UAE president and Saudi crown prince mediation with Russia to release prisoners
Dec 8-9 - A New Era - China Pres. Xi in Saudi Arabia with Saudi Crown Prince 
Dec 9 - Lyon's Festival of Lights 
Dec 18 - 24 Kislev - Hanukkah 🕎 begins at sunset in Israel

Dec 1 - Macron & Biden fireside Oval office, 1st State Dinner - Celebrating 250 years as allies. 
12-1-22 - White House State Dinner with France's Emmanuel Macron
State dinners honoring foreign leaders are a White House tradition dating back to the 1800s, the first of which welcomed King Kalakaua of Hawaii, hosted by President Ulysses S. Grant on Dec. 22, 1874.

'We have to synchronize our action': Macron -
Thursday night’s fete for the Macrons – the day after the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the Ellipse with LL Cool J as the master of ceremonies – was the first state dinner held during the busy holiday season.  
The dinner, attended by about 350 people, including celebrities or other VIPs.
An image of the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France, was projected onto the walls of the tented pavilion.
11-30-22 - Emmanuel Macron: the man who would be king
How the French president became the most powerful leader in Europe and a hyperactive player on the world stage.
Nov 30 - Macron warns of 'rogue states' in space as he met with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Listen To What Emmanuel Macron Just Said!!! - 

12-1 House Speaker Pelosi meets with French President Macron on Capitol Hill
12-2-22 - President Emmanuel Macron holds an unannounced meeting with Elon Musk
12-2-22 - Macron in New Orleans, LA - His visit to the Crescent City is the first by a French president in almost 50 years. He hopes to highlight historic ties and develop plans for the future of the French language in Louisiana, according to the consulate.

Dec 1 - Prince William is bringing his Earthshot energy to the streets of Boston!
- first US trip in eight years "as we start the countdown to the Earthshot Prize Awards."
Prince William and Princess Kate attend Boston Celtics game

Prince William on his hopes for planet Earth  | The Earthshot Prize 2022 - BBC - 

12-2-22 - Prince William Visits John F. Kennedy Presidential Library "Moonshot" Speech and Museum in Boston -
Prince William meets with President Biden at JFK Library (Kate at Harvard) 

Bathed in emerald green light (Oz) - Ambassador to Australia, Caroline Kennedy, at the JFK Library in Dorchester with son, Jack and daughter, Tatiana 
Image on wall: royal visit - 
President Kennedy was likened to King Arthur, a hero who embodied courage, diplomacy, and self-sacrifice. A perception was created that the Kennedy presidency was like the era of Camelot, a mythical time associated with a sense of unfulfilled promise. Camelot is a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur.
In American contexts, Camelot refers to the presidency of John F. Kennedy. In a 1963 Life interview, Jacqueline, his widow, referenced a line from the Lerner and Loewe musical to describe the Kennedy era White House: "Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot." She indicated that it was one of Kennedy's favorite lyrics from the musical and added, "there'll be great Presidents again […] but there'll never be another Camelot again."[29]
Caroline Kennedy (born November 27, 1957) m. 1988 Edwin Arthur Schlossberg (born July 19, 1945). Schlossberg was born in New York City to an Orthodox Jewish family. Both his parents—Alfred I. Schlossberg and Mae Hirsch—were children of Ukrainian immigrants.
She formally left Japan as Ambassador on January 18, 2017.[109] In recognition of her service, Kennedy was awarded Japan's Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun in 2021.[110] Kennedy owns her mother's 375-acre (152 ha) estate known as Red Gate Farm in Aquinnah (formerly Gay Head) on Martha's Vineyard.[40]
Caroline was almost six when he was assassinated on November 22, 1963.
11-22-22 - 1st State Dinner by King Charles Buckingham Palace: Royal State Banquet with South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa 
Earthshot. Moonshot. How do these terms connect the British Royal Family to “American royalty”: the Kennedys? What does Prince William think represents a “tipping point” for the world? And what did JFK’s grandson have to say about it?
John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg was born in New York City on January 19, 1993. (30 in 2023) Attended Yale and Harvard. In November 2013, Schlossberg attended the Medal of Freedom Award Dinner to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his grandfather's death where he introduced President Barack Obama.[15] On May 11, 2018, Schlossberg made his acting debut as Officer Jack Hammer on the eighth-season finale of the television show Blue Bloods.[25] 
Rose Schlossberg co-launched a comedy and end time-apocalyptic web series with Mara Nelson-Greenberg, titled End Times Girls Club.

Sept 9 - National Space Council meeting chair VP Kamala Harris in Houston
Sep 13, 2022 - 51st anniv. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts celebrates its namesake with the opening of "Art and Ideals: President John F. Kennedy" - Speakers: Rose Schlossberg, Jewish entertainment attorney Douglas Emhoff (m. VP Harris), US gov. funds arts
Dec 4 - 45th Kennedy Center Honors - East Room of the White House 
Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in New York City about the legacy of her father’s Moonshot project and the parallels that can be drawn from The Earthshot Prize.
"Giant leaps often start with small steps" - Closing Words from Hannah Jones
CEO of The Eathshot Prize, Hannah Jones closes the Innovation Summit with a quote from HRH Queen Elizabeth and a reminder that the solutions to meet the great challenge of climate change are within our reach.
12-2-22 - In partnership with the John F. Kennedy Foundation, we were thrilled to bring The Earthshot Prize to Boston, the birthplace of President Kennedy himself. MGM Music Hall, Boston
Kate dressed in "green screen" dress on green carpet

Castle * Camelot * Schlossberg * Purgos * Pergamum 
purgos: a tower - πύργος - (akin to German Burg, anciently Purg)
Pergamon - "citadel" - the Bible uses the name "Pergamos" in Revelation 2:12 for the seat of one of the seven churches of Asia, a city that more modern translations call Pergamum or Pergamon.
Hebrew: armon: a citadel - אַרְמוֹן -
2 Kings 23:5 - and to the moon, and to the planets, and to all the host
Hebrew: mazzaloth: constellations, perhaps signs of the zodiac - מַזָּלָה
John 14:2, 23 - mansion: moné: an abiding, an abode - μονή

Dec 2 - Pope Francis asks world leaders to change to usual structures of international relations - 
“Leaders for Peace” is an organization comprised of 40 international leaders of different nationalities ranging from the United States, Iran, Morroco, Burkina Faso, France and Russia. Pope Francis met with them at the Vatican, and asked them to promote changes to the usual structures of international relations to make them have a greater element of solidarity.
POPE FRANCIS: We cannot forget the sacrifice of human lives, the suffering of the people, the indiscriminate destruction of civilian buildings. Violating human principals is not a “collateral effect” of war, no, it is an international crime. We need to say this and repeat it.
Among Leaders for Peace's members are the ex-Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and former Russian Ambassador to France, Alexandre Orlov. 

Pope Francis Pushes for One World Religion

Dec 4-6 - Isaac Herzog makes first trip by Israeli president to Bahrain
Herzog meets king and crown prince on a trip made possible after their two countries normalised relations in 2020.
Herzog’s Gulf trip aims to consolidate Abraham Accords with visits to Manama and Abu Dhabi are significant for Israel’s bilateral relationships 

Dec 6 - Paris: Apollo lifted out of Versailles' gardens for restoration
Apollo's Chariot Fountain was lifted from its base in the sumptuous gardens of the Palace of Versailles on Tuesday ahead of an 18-month restoration of the gilded lead sculpture celebrating the Greek god. It is the first time the iconic artwork by Jean-Baptiste Tuby has been removed from its basin since it was placed there in 1671 during the reign of Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King.

December 6, 2022 (London)  "Avatar: The Way of Water"
December 16, 2022 (United States) Release dates 

Dec 7-9 - Rome, 1st Annual Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit
Reps of 30 nations sign Abraham Accords family values pledge
Dozens of world leaders, diplomats, and other representatives gather in Rome for Abraham Accords Global Leadership summit.
“The spirit of the Abraham Accords has allowed our communities to reap the fruits of peace and flourish in an ever-evolving socio-economic environment and has underscored the importance of the following foundational pillars: Tolerance, Coexistence & Diversity, Religion and Family Economic Peace.”
Thursday's discussions ended with the closing session entitled "A United Commitment to Future Generations." The participants then took a group photo and signed The Abrahamic Values Pledge.
Saudi Arabia ready to join Abraham Accords: Danny Danon

More at: 

Dec 8-9 - A New Era - China in Saudi Arabia
Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh on a "pioneering trip" to "open a new era of China's relations with the Arab world' - in Xi's own words. The visit is Xi's first to the kingdom in six years. The two countries affirmed their ties and signed a series of strategic deals - including one with tech giant Huawei. The Chinese leader is expected to meet more Gulf oil producers later.
China's Xi strikes deals with Saudi royals during 'milestone' visit 

Saudi Arabia Gives Extravagant Welcome For China's Xi, As the US Watches With Concern
Two separate visits to Saudi Arabia, just a few months apart, couldn't have been more different.  When US President Joe Biden arrived in the kingdom back in July, the mood was somber, with less pageantry than his predecessor had received. And Biden's visit paled in comparison to the lavish welcoming ceremony Chinese President Xi Jinping was given after arriving in Riyadh on Wednesday for a three day visit. 

Dec 8/9 - The United Arab Emirates president and Saudi crown prince claimed in a joint statement Thursday that they led mediation efforts.
Phoenix Mercury center and WNBA All-Star Brittney Griner has been released from a Russian penal colony and is in United States custody after a prisoner exchange for arms dealer Viktor Bout, President Biden confirmed Thursday morning.
1992 embryos born in 2022 - The embryos — frozen in liquid nitrogen 30 years ago — were successfully thawed, transferred and finally delivered, breaking the record for the longest frozen embryos to ever result in a successful live birth.

AI has taken a leap into mainstream

Daniel’s prophecies about the abomination of desolation seemed to have at least a partial fulfillment in 167 BC when a Greek ruler by the name of Antiochus IV desecrated the temple in Jerusalem. Antiochus called himself “Epiphanies” (“illustrious one” or “god manifest”). He set up an altar to Zeus over the altar of burnt offering, and he sacrificed a pig on the altar.
On Kislev 15, 168 BCE, Antiochus Epiphanes erected a statue of Zeus, but with his own face, on top of the holy altar in the Temple. Ten days later, on Kislev 25, the birthday of Zeus.
Kislev 15 = Dec 8/9, 2022
Kislev 25 = Dec 18/19, 2022

Dec 8 - House passes bill to protect same-sex marriage in landmark vote sending it to Biden. Biden added: “I look forward to welcoming them at the White House after the House passes this legislation and sends it to my desk, where I will promptly and proudly sign it into law.” The Supreme Court is currently considering a case that deals with the issue of LGBTQ rights and religious liberty.
H.R.8404 - Respect for Marriage Act - 117th Congress (2021-2022) 
Biden is expected to quickly sign a major bill that just passed Congress protecting same-sex marriage
tachometer is literally a "speed-measurer", since the Greek root tach- means "speed". 
Greek: ταχύ 5035 taxý (an adjective, used adverbially, and derived from 5036 /taxýs, "promptly") – properly, swift (quick), without unnecessary delay; used of God's promptness characterizing how He has ordered all physical scenes of life to happen on His perfect timetable without unnecessary "delay" (Rev 1:1, 22:6).
Hebrew: meherah: haste, speed -  מְהֵ רָה
Joshua 10:6 - The Day the Sun Stood Still
Come quickly and save us!  yasha: to deliver: יָשַׁע

The moon and Mars were spectacular on the night of December 7-8, 2022. Some saw the moon occult – or pass in front of – Mars.

Dec 9 - Lyon's Festival of Lights kicks off with focus on energy saving measures. The spectacular display of illuminations projected on historical monuments and public buildings across town – kicked off in Lyon in France this Thursday. 
The Scary Truth about Artificial Intelligence...

As Germany’s biggest port, Hamburg profited the most from the colonies of the German Empire, before its collapse in 1918. But in the past eight years, the city has been trying to come to terms with its colonial past. The ethnological museum is to return some famous 170 Benin Bronzes to Nigeria. And city authorities are taking other steps to remove the remaining traces of colonialism.

Dec 11 - Israel's Netanyahu deadline to form government

Dec 13? - Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) EO 14067 "Biden Bucks"

June 26, 2015 - White House lit up in rainbow lights for SCOTUS marriage ruling
On Kislev 15, 168 BCE, Antiochus Epiphanes erected a statue of Zeus, but with his own face, on top of the holy altar in the Temple. Ten days later, on Kislev 25, the birthday of Zeus.
Kislev 15 = Dec 8/9, 2022
Kislev 25 = Dec 18/19, 2022
Dec 8, 2022 - House passes bill to protect same-sex marriage in landmark vote
2722 days / 2727 days  (see more above on Dec 8)

This Week in Prophecy: Abraham Accords, Inflation, Aussies, Saudis China, Euthanasia, Marriage
Jeremiah 18:10-18
Dec 13 was another stake in the ground - the glee and revelry they showed will soon be changed! 
Hosanna!! Save us! 

Dec 13 - Marriage * Nuclear Fusion * Israeli Coins * Pope "omen" * etc.  
12-13 - President Biden, Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill, surrounded by Democratic officials, holds up his pen after signing the Respect for Marriage Act on the South Lawn of the White House on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.
New law targets faith-based organizations just before Christmas.
White House lights up with rainbow colors after same-sex marriage bill signing
"Knell" - the sound of a bell, especially when rung solemnly for a death or funeral.

Psalm 14, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
Respect the Lord! A Call to Holiness
Hebrews 12:13-14 - Make straight paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed. 14Pursue peace with everyone, as well as holiness, without which no one will see the Lord. 

Dec 13 - Fusion breakthrough is a milestone for future of clean power, scientists say
Physicists have since the 1950s sought to harness the fusion reaction that powers the sun.

Dec 13 - Israel, UAE ratify free trade agreement -

First evidence in the Judean Desert for the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Kingdom
A rare wooden box containing a small hoard of 15 silver coins dating to the reign of Antiochos IV was discovered in an excavation in the Darageh Stream Nature Reserve, overlooking the Dead Sea

Dec 13 - International organisations and more than 50 countries pledge €1 billion to Ukraine

Dec 14 - First-ever Abraham Accords Esports Peace Games to be held in Israel
Jerusalem, Israel: The United States Embassy in Israel, in partnership with philanthropist Sylvan Adams, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, LionTree LLC, and the Israeli Esports Association announced the first-ever Abraham Accords Esports Peace Games with special guests, due to take place on 26–28 January, 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Also supporting the event is the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem, which works to promote the values of tolerance and co-existence between Jews, Muslims and Christians especially within the framework of the Abraham Accords countries.
Esports Peace Games is a digital video-gaming championship in which national teams from countries in the region will contest the world’s leading competitive Esports titles. The event will feature competitors from Israel, the United States, MENA countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Morocco, among others.

Dec 15 - Bill of Rights Day - By December 15, 1791, three-fourths of the states had ratified 10 of these, now known as the “Bill of Rights.”

Dec 15 - 59 years after the events of November 22, 1963. And this week on Dec. 15 President Biden again is set to either declassify all the records, or again dribble a few out and hold the rest back, “for reasons of national security,” or some other tired excuse that becomes less and less believable every year.
JFK's Assassination, 59 Years Later: Conversations Inside Air Force One on the Flight Home from Dallas

1972 - 50th Anniversary * Apollo 17 * Poseidon Adventure/Morning After * Biden wife * Vietnam
JFK Moonshot/Earthshot connections

1963 JFK Moonshot / Dec. Moon-Jupiter-Pisces
Dec 7, 1972 - 50th anniversary of NASA's Apollo 17
Dec 12, 1972 - Release date film The Poseidon Adventure
Dec 18, 1972 - Biden marks 50th anniversary of death of wife, daughter
Dec 19, 1972 Apollo 17 "return after a 12-day mission"
Dec 28/29, 2022 - Moon & Jupiter together in Pisces (Latin: “Fishes”)

Dec 15, 2022 - JFK files released 59 years after November 22, 1963.

Jupiter is now at its closest to Earth since 1963, and it won’t be this close for another 107 years. The next time Jupiter will come this close will be in 2129.
Other than the moon, Jupiter is the brightest object in the sky this month (although red Mars – now near its December 7 opposition is a close second).
Jupiter reached its opposition on September 26. In December 2022, the king of planets is up all evening and sets around midnight.

  • Dec 18, 1972 – Vietnam WarPresident Richard Nixon announces that the United States will engage North Vietnam in Operation Linebacker II, a series of Christmas bombings, after peace talks collapsed with North Vietnam on the 13th.
  • Dec 18, 2017 – Amtrak Cascades passenger train 501, derailed near DuPont, Washington, near Olympia, Washington killing six people, and injuring 70 others.

  • Apollo / Poseidon / Olympia / Zeus (Pope-Parthenon sculptures)

    1972 film The Poseidon AdventureRelease date December 12, 1972 
    The Simpsons & Family Guy vs. The Poseidon Adventure (Parody Comparison)
    On Dec 5, 2022 I awoke with this song playing in my head. 
    I had no idea what it meant other than it was from the movie The Poseidon Adventure (the god with a trident). I thought of Ukraine with the trident symbol. 
    Poseidon (Greek: Ποσειδῶν) was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth, god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses.
    The Poseidon (Russian: Посейдон, "Poseidon", NATO reporting name Kanyon), previously known by Russian codename Status-6

    Dec 7 - Deadly 'rogue wave' smashes into cruise ship near Antarctica — but where did it come from?
    Cruise ship passengers slammed by deadly "rogue wave” speak out: “I flew up in the air”
    Viking Polaris cruise ship sailing toward Ushuaia, Argentina. The Trusdales said the wave wasn't the only disaster - a day before the accident, another passenger was seriously injured during a Zodiac boat excursion.

    Dec 7 - Antarctica/Argentina coast - rouge wave
    Dec 13 - Heartbreak at sea - a cruise holiday takes a tragic turn | 7NEWS - The search for a missing cruise ship passenger has ended in tragedy just two days after departing Melbourne. A helicopter rescue crew found the 23-year-old woman's body off the South Australian coast.
    Dec 18/19 - Thai Navy Ship Capsizes

    BERLIN / Pergamon Museum / Berliner Dom Cathedral / Brandenburg Gate
    The Neptune Fountain in front of the Red City Hall is known to Berliners as "Forckenbecken". 
    This term was twofold: on the one hand, the mayor of Berlin at the time was called Forckenbeck, on the other hand, the terminology fits perfectly with the fountain itself, because Neptune stands in a basin with his trident in his hand. The four female figures at his feet symbolize the rivers Elbe, Rhine, Oder and Vistula.
    Neptune, god of the seas according to Roman mythology. 

    December 6, 2022 (London)  "Avatar: The Way of Water"
    December 16, 2022 (United States) Release dates 

    December 2, 2003 - Dec 16, 2022 - AquaDom opens / destroyed

    Dec 16 - Giant aquarium burst in Berlin spills 1 million liters of water | DW News
    "Just chaos ... total devastation. Lots of dead fish." That's how one guest of the Radisson Blu hotel in central Berlin described the situation after a huge aquarium in the hotel lobby burst early Friday morning. Some 300 guests were evacuated from the hotel, two people were injured by flying shards of glass and some 1,500 tropical fish were killed. The cause of the incident is being investigated.
    Berlin aquarium explodes, killing 1,500 tropical fish and causing water damage
    World's largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium broke in Berlin Hotel
    Guests have been moved out of the hotel following the incident at 05:50 (04:50 GMT).
    In the early morning hours of December 16th a huge free standing aquarium at the Radisson Hotel in Berlin, Germany violently exploded sending 1,500 tropical fish and thousands of gallons of water through the hotel lobby and into the street where most if not all of the fish perished immediately in the frigid temperatures of the early morning day.
    The large aquarium and hotel are part of the DomAquaree building, a complex that sits near the Berlin Cathedral [dome/river]. A clear-sided elevator traveled through its center, and visitors could sit beneath the mammoth aquarium in a bar and cafe area
    Opened: December 2, 2003 -
    the torrent a “veritable tsunami” The AquaDom’s website described it as the biggest cylindrical tank in the world at 82 feet tall, however Union Investment Real Estate clarified Friday that the tank portion of the attraction had a height of 46 feet. - It was last modernized in 2020.
    2020 Reinforcement coating installed: 1-13-22 at 9:44 AM video
    AquaDom In Berlin Explodes - They Want To Break On Through To The Other Side!
    For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12 

    Dec 16 - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people will win the 2023 Charlemagne Prize, the body awarding the prize in Aachen has said. The prize honors work done in the service of European unification. Aachen is a city in western Germany, near the Belgian and Dutch borders. It is the place where 31 Holy Roman Emperors were crowned Kings of the Germans from 936 to 1531.

    Dec 16 - Four people are in critical condition in hospital after being crushed during a concert at London's 02 Brixton Academy (street scene like Berlin)

    Dec 16 - Pope orders return of Parthenon sculptures to Greece
    After more than 200 years at the Vatican Museum, fragments of Athens' Parthenon temple may soon return home to Greece. 

    Parthenon ruins in Athens, Greece * Full-size Replica in Nashville TN
    Giant Athena and Nike at The Parthenon Nashville, TN -
    Tennessee Performing Arts Center -
    TPAC stage curtain is a mural of the Parthenon
    Apollo / Poseidon / Olympia / Zeus (Pope-Parthenon sculptures)

    Dec 16 - 100 years silent movie: Nosferatu Live with Babylon Orchester Berlin
    Nosferatu at 100: Berlin exhibition examines vampire classic’s enduring appeal
    Show takes a deep dive into story of 1922 film that spawned an entire genre – with free entry for blood donors
    Phantoms of the Night: 100 Years of Nosferatu opens at Berlin’s Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection on Friday

    Dec 17 - Prophet Daniel Feast Day
    Dec 17, 1936 (age 86 years) - Pope Francis - Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Dec 17 - German police recover 31 items stolen in 2019 Dresden jewel heist
    BERLIN, Dec 17 (Reuters) - Most of the jewels stolen from a historic Dresden art collection in 2019 in a $120 million heist have been recovered. 
    ‘Considerable portion’ of priceless treasures from Green Vault museum recovered amid trial of suspects

    Nov 23, 2022 - Burglars in Germany just stole $1.6 million worth of jewels in only 9 minutes as police fear an organized crime wave hitting Europe’s treasures

    Dec 17 - Netanyahu expected to announce government this week. Netanyahu currently has until Wednesday to announce that he has formed a government, although he may request another extension to Sunday, December 25. The coalition partners this week will continue their legislative blitz of four laws. 

    Dec 18, 1972 - Biden marks 50th anniversary of death of wife, daughter
    A few weeks after Biden was elected senator, his wife Neilia and one-year-old daughter Naomi were killed in an automobile accident

    Dec 18 - World Cup Final Game
    Dec 18 - Hanukkah begins in Israel

    During Christmas / soccer game / time portal
    Brazil Qatar 2022 squad: Forward #18 Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) 
    12-3 - Gabriel Jesus injures knee, out of World Cup
    The news nobody wants to hear from the World Cup.
    Jesus has 5 goals and 5 assists in the Premier League this season.
    Nov 20-Dec 18 - FIFA World Cup 2022 - Qatar

    Angel Di Maria #11 cries in celebration after scoring World Cup final goal: Argentina winger is final MVP so far
    Argentina vs France - Lionel Messi vs. Kylian Mbappe
    Lionel Messi #10 at every goal he scores points to the sky with both hands for his deceased grandmother. 
    World Cup final score of 3-3 and Argentina leading 4-2 in penalties.
    The black robe given to Messi is known as a bisht and a traditional item of men’s clothing worn for special occasions and ceremonies such as weddings. It is trimmed in gold and often also worn by clergy and other officials. It was handed to Messi by the Emir of Qatar as a sign of respect for what he had achieved at the World Cup and in football as a whole. 
    Lionel Messi hoists trophy after Argentina wins the 2022 FIFA World Cup
    France's Macron on stage to greet players:

    The Sun of May (Spanish: Sol de Mayo) was added to the center in 1818, it is a national emblem of Argentina and Uruguay, and appears on the flags of both countries (early Peru flag as well).  Argentina Flag Day is celebrated on June 20 [day before Summer Solstice.] 
    The Sun of May represents Inti, the Incan god of the sun.
    Sun of May on the first Argentine coin, 1813
    Provincias del Río de la Plata meaning "River of the Silver"


    Connections between “ Event 201” and “Catastrophic Contagion”

    Dec 18 - Severe turbulence injures passengers on Hawaiian Airlines flight 
    Airbus A330, carrying 278 passengers and 10 crew members.

    Dec 18 - Berlin: Hanukkah candle lighting historic Brandenburg Gate
    The largest menorah in Europe was put in place at the Brandenburg Gate, an 18th century Prussian monument used by the Nazi party as one of its symbols. The triumph of light over darkness: Berlin's Brandenburg Gate where Hitler and the Nazis marched was illuminated with the lighting of Europe's largest Menorah. - 
    Chanukka Berlin 5783 | Brandenburger Tor | Live | חנוכה ברלין תשפ"ג | שער ברנדנבורג | שידור חי

    Dec 18-26 - Hanukkah -
    Dec 18 - 24 Kislev - Hanukkah 🕎 begins at sunset in Israel

    1972 events above ^ ^ 

    Dec 31, 1972 - Anna and the King (TV series) last aired "King of Siam" (Thailand)
    12-19 - The Morning After - Maureen McGovern played Anna in the King and I
    Dec 19 - Thailand - A Royal Thai Navy warship sank in severe weather early Monday, leaving 33 of its crew of 106 sailors missing in stormy seas in the Gulf of Thailand. Strong winds tilted the 252-foot (76.8-meter) long corvette HTMS Sukhothai, allowing sea water to enter an exhaust pipe and subsequently shut down the ship’s electrical system, a Thai navy statement said. The electrical shutdown caused the ship’s main power systems to fail, leaving the crew unable to maneuver or pump out sea water that had entered its hull, it said.
    Over the course of more than three hours, efforts to transfer pumps to the Sukhothai from other naval vessels responding to the incident failed, the statement said. “At 00.12 am of Monday, the Sukhothai tiled even further and later sank,”
    “For a small, (almost) 40-year-old ship in heavy seas, the odds are against success in that case.”
    Thailand warship capsizes leaving 31 sailors missing
    "The waves were quite high, about three metres when the ship sank," he said in a clip shared on local media. "I put on the life jacket and jumped. I swam for three hours."
    Two survivors have been rescued after a Thai warship sank off the country’s south-east coast, but rescuers have also recovered the bodies of four crew members. HTMS Sukhothai was carrying 105 crew went down after losing power in a storm. A search is continuing for 24 sailors still missing. The navy says 77 others have been rescued.
    Ordered for the Royal Thai Navy on 9 May 1983, the ship was laid down by Tacoma Boatbuilding Company in Tacoma, Washington, on 26 March 1984. The ship was the last major vessel to be completed at Tacoma Boatbuilding's Yard 1 on the Hylebos Waterway.
    She was named after the Kingdom of Sukhothai, which is traditionally regarded as the first Thai kingdom.
    Sanskrit sukha (Sanskrit: सुख, 'lasting happiness') and udaya (Sanskrit: उदय, 'rise' or 'emergence'). Together, the phrase can be interpreted as meaning "dawn of happiness".
    Personal note: 1983-84 - At the time this ship was built we lived in Olympia WA and my husband was stationed at McChord AFB in Tacoma!!!

    Thai ship notes: 33 / 31 (later) sailors missing * 3 hours * 3 meter waves 
    Germany news: Hanukkah 1931 * years ago - 31 jewel items recovered
     31 Holy Roman Emperors crowned from 936 to 1531.
    1931 First Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center
    World Cup final score of 3-3 and Argentina leading 4-2 in penalties.
    Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330, carrying 278 passengers and 10 crew members.

    Dec 19 - North Korea confirms 'important' spy satellite test

    Dec 19 - Kiel, Germany: A Hanukkah menorah at the center of the most searing images of the Nazis' rise was lit in the German capital 90 years after the family who owned it fled the looming Holocaust. During Hanukkah 1931, Rachel Posner, wife of Rabbi Dr. Akiva Posner, took this photo of the family Hanukkah menorah from the window ledge of the family home looking out on to the building across the road decorated with Nazi flags.

    Abraham Accords summit with Europe brings policy makers together
    Dec 19 - Omri Atar speaks about the recent meeting of policy meeting between Abraham Accords countries, the US and Europe.

    Dec 19 - World order on verge of cliff - first Israeli national intel assessment
    The Intelligence Ministry on Monday unveiled the country’s first-ever national intelligence estimate report on Monday.

    Dec 20 a car parade with 100 cars will be beginning from the Olympic stadium 
    to the Brandenburg Gate, the parade will be commemorating 
    50 years since the terrorist attack on the Israeli athletes in Munich

    Dec 21, 2020 - Grand Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn

    Dec 20 - Jordan hosts Mideast summit in bid to defuse regional tensions
    ‘Baghdad II’ summit in Jordan aims for progress on Iraq held on the shores of the Dead Sea

    COP15: Some NGOs warn plan will 'devastate indigenous lives'

    12-17/18 - 3.6M San Franscisco / El Cerrito, CA
    2022-12-17 11:39:42 (UTC) 37.918°N 122.304°W 5.5 km depth
    12-19 - Cascadia. It Is Possible To Get A Large Earthquake. Be Prepared

    Psalm 64Oppressed by the Wicked but Rejoicing in the Lord

    M 6.4 - 15km WSW of Ferndale, CA (Eureka) S. of Crescent City, California
    2022-12-20 10:34:24 (UTC) 40.525°N 124.423°W 17.9 km depth
    2 dead from medical emergencies related to 6.4 magnitude NorCal quake
    6.4 Earthquake Cascadia Subduction Zone. Watch For More & For High Waves. 12/20/2022
    Northern California earthquake causes 'widespread damage' to roads, homes
    Jolted people awake, widespread damage and leaving thousands without power.
    Beautiful historic Victorian homes in Ferndale and Eureka -

    6.4 California Earthquake Damage; Tens of thousands without power
    12-21 - devastation, bridges, buildings: https://

    M 4.6 - off the coast of Oregon at 17:22:02 PST
    2022-12-21 01:22:02 (UTC)44.072°N 128.090°W10.0 km depth
    Thousands remain without power after Northern California quake
    Small quake shakes East Bay a day after damaging deadly earthquake on Humboldt County coast -

    Winter storms: Europe, N. America, Asia
    Japan has receive record levels of snow - more than three times the seasonal average
    Arctic blast to bring 'life-threatening' cold to Canada parts of U.S.
    US Winter storm Eliot
    I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the Coming of the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord
    Malachi 4 - Hearts of the children
    Exodus 12:20 - Honor father and mother

    Obelisk - Buenos Aires, Argentina - World Cup celebration

    Dec 20 - Lawmakers unveil $1.7T bill to avoid shutdown, boost Ukraine
    The spending package includes about $45 billion in emergency assistance to Ukraine. It would be the biggest American infusion of assistance yet to Ukraine, above even President Joe Biden’s $37 billion emergency request, and ensure that funding flows to the war effort for months to come. The U.S. has provided about $68 billion to Ukraine in previous rounds of military, economic and humanitarian assistance.

    Dec 21 - Sen. Rand Paul says he's airing some grievances 'early' ahead of annual 'Festivus' report: 'abomination'
    Since 2001, the federal government’s budget has run a deficit each year.

    The Kremlin insists there is no chance of peace talks with Kyiv after Volodymyr Zelensky's trip to the White House.

    Dec 21 - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to meet Wednesday with Biden, address Congress. Zelenskyy's joint address to Congress, set for later in the evening. -

    Dec 21 - Winter Solstice
    December 21, 1977 - France's Emmanuel Macron birthday

    Dec 21 - ‘I’ve done it’: Netanyahu announces his 6th government, Israel’s most hardline ever. 
    7 weeks after elections and minutes before deadline, Likud head tells president he’s mustered a majority; right-religious coalition set to expand settlements, constrain judiciary

    Nov 11 news - They're giving Netanyahu 28 days from this Sunday. December 11th deadline.
    3 days after the full moon
    on December 8th @ 4:08 UTC
    Strong's G408 Definition: "man of victory"

    Dec 21 - ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A bright meteor flashed across the early morning sky over Southcentral Alaska Wednesday

    44 years ago / 60 years ago
    The Winter of Discontent refers to the winter of 1978–79 in the United Kingdom. The phrase "Winter of Discontent" is from the opening line of William Shakespeare's Richard III: "Now is the winter of our discontent / Made glorious summer by this sun [or son] of York…", and was first applied to the events of the winter by Robin Chater, a writer at Incomes Data Report. It was subsequently used in a speech by James Callaghan and translated to define a crisis by tabloids – including The Sun.[4][5]

    The weather turned very cold in the early months of 1979 with blizzards and deep snow, the coldest since 1962–63, rendering some jobs impossible, reducing retail spending and worsening the economy.[6]

    8 Planets visible on 8th Day of Hanukkah!! 

    (see celestial signs above) 

    Asteroid 622, Esther is a minor planet named after the biblical figure Esther.
    - between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. 
    asaph: to gather, remove - Hebrew: אָסַף
    Genesis 6:21-22 - Noah Builds the Ark

    …21You are also to take for yourself every kind of food that is eaten and gather 

    it as food for yourselves and for the animals.” 
    22So Noah did everything precisely as God had commanded him.

    Dec 22/23 - 'Light pillars' over Redmond, Oregon on icy winter night

    God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth is transformed and the mountains are toppled into the depths of the seas,
     though their waters roar and foam and the mountains quake in the surge.  
    Psalm 46:1-3

    Dec 27 - United States: A look at the storm dubbed 'blizzard of the century'
    The footage that captures how dangerously cold it is in the US right now

    The boy said to have helped find Tutankhamun's tomb – BBC News
    Egypt is celebrating the centenary year of the discovery of King Tutankhamun's burial chamber. When the archaeological dig began on 4 November 1922 it led to the discovery of the famous tomb, which is over 3,000 years old. The tomb has helped archaeologists who study ancient objects, materials and buildings, understand more about Ancient Egypt and it has also become a famous symbol for Egypt's identity and influence around the world. A 12-year-old local boy is said to have played a crucial role in the excavations, but who was he?

    Dec 25 - Israeli Air Force grounds 11 F-35 fighter jets following recommendation from U.S. The incident that prompted the move took place at a north Texas military base on December 16.

    Dec 27 - See Dec 13 (above) for events in D.C.

    Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message II to Joe Biden (The White House Apostasy) 

    Oct 6 - Netanyahu released from hospital - On Wednesday evening, Netanyahu, who turns 73 this month, “felt unwell” while taking part in prayers at a Jerusalem synagogue for Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, his office said, noting he had been fasting. Israel’s November 1 election will be its fifth vote in less than four years.
    Dec 19 - New Knesset passes its first law, meant to thwart potential internal Likud rebellion
    Dec 20 - US plans new Israel-Arab meeting, hopes for Netanyahu restraint

    Meet early 2023 - Abraham Accords:

    12-21-21 - Benjamin Netanyahu is like an Israeli false messiah
    Dec 9 - promoting the supremacy of Jewish religious law and believing that chaos will result in Armageddon and hasten the coming of the Messiah.
    Dec 20 - Netanyahu is not known for being religious, not observing Kashrut dietary laws nor the Sabbath. He has never been spotted in tefillin. Netanyahu, a Western-educated, ostensibly secular realist, is now trapped in his new persona as messiah of a camp with which he has little in common.
    Dec 26 - Netanyahu’s coalition formally presented to 25th Knesset, starting weeklong ticking clock. The incoming coalition will hold a special Knesset plenum on Thursday in order to ratify the new government. 
    On Thursday, Ben Gvir — whose national security ministry will be a repackaged police ministry ... Netanyahu has until January 2 to swear in his government, but Likud sources say he is pressing to do so as early as Thursday. To do so, Netanyahu must submit signed coalition agreements with his five partners at least 24 hours before a swear-in vote. This means that Netanyahu will need to place the full coalition agreements on the Knesset floor by Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.
    The soon-to-be opposition will likely try to filibuster Thursday's plenum session in order to drag the formation of the government into Friday, or even the beginning of next week.
    Dec 27 - Knesset starts marathon debate over bill to give Ben Gvir expanded power over police. Legislation demanded by far-right leader ahead of swearing in of government will give political leadership broad control over police leadership and policy
    Tues. - After hours of debate, 63 of the 120 parliamentarians voted in favour and 55 against the change.
    Israel’s outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that after the legal changes that have been passed so far, the new government had already proven to be “the most corrupt ever”, even before its inauguration on December 29.
    78 retired judges sign letter warning incoming government endangers democracy
    Netanyahu appoints Smotrich de facto PM of the West Bank, gambles on restraining him. An extraordinary coalition deal gives the Religious Zionism leader ‘full responsibility’ in the biblical Judea and Samaria he seeks to annex, with only Netanyahu to hold him back
    ... ultimately extending to full Israeli annexation of the West Bank with very limited Palestinian rights — that would create an earthquake for Israel in this region, subject only to Netanyahu’s restraint. At the same time, he has given Ben Gvir unprecedented authority over the police, and also over Border Police units in the West Bank, when Ben Gvir has declared he wants to ease open-fire orders — all again subject only to Netanyahu’s restraint. That adds up to a veritable mountain of restraint, to be imposed on bold, stubborn, vigorous and now extremely powerful forces, by one politically dependent man, aged 73. 
    Don’t worry, Netanyahu has assured American audiences in a series of recent interviews - He won’t allow harm to the LGBTQ community.
    Orit Struck, a Religious Zionist member of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, said her party seeks a change to the country's anti-discrimination law that would include permitting people to avoid acts that go against their religious beliefs — including discriminating against LGBTQ people in hospitals. Struck said "so long as there are enough other doctors to provide care," religious healthcare providers should be able refuse to treat LGBTQ patients. Simcha Rotman, another member of the party, said that private business owners, such as hotel operators, should be allowed to refuse service to LGBTQ "if it harms their religious feelings." Netanyahu said that Struck's remarks "are unacceptable to me and to members of Likud," "In the country that I will lead, there will be no situation where a person, whether he is LGBT, Arab or ultra-Orthodox or any other person, will enter a hotel and not receive service, enter a doctor and not receive service," he said. Netanyahu served for 12 years as Israel's prime minister before he was ousted from power last year.
    After rollercoaster political saga, Israel's next government to be sworn in on Thursday
    Dec 26 - "Thursday is the day!" New Israeli government to be sworn in amid backlash. Future head of the opposition Yair Lapid is warning against what he calls an 'extreme' government, as issues of religion and state are already rearing their head.
    Benjamin Netanyahu presents himself as THE RESTRAINER!!!
    Israel's incoming prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will present his new government to the Knesset on Thursday at 11 a.m. In the evening, the new government's ministers will be sworn in. Netanyahu has until January 2 to swear in his Likud-led coalition of far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties. The incoming coalition has been working to pass several laws before being sworn in, including one named after far-right lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir. This bill would give the lawmaker - who is expected to serve as national security minister - expanded authority over the country's police.

    Dec 27-29 - Celestial Line-up -

    Petra "rock" in Greek:
    “Sela” in the Hebrew Bible, means “rock,” apparently near Bozrah.
    botsrah: an enclosure, a fold (for sheep) - Hebrew: בָּצְרָה
    Micah 2:12 - “I will surely assemble all of you, O Jacob, I will surely gather the remnant of Israel; 
    I will put them together like sheep of the fold
    Like a flock in the midst of their pasture; They shall make a loud noise because of so many people.
    batsar: to cut off, make inaccessible, enclose - Hebrew: בָּצַר
    cut off, fortify, grape gatherer, mighty things, restrain, strong, wall up
    batsir: a vintage, grape gathering, grape harvest - Hebrew: בָּצִיר

    Dec 26-27 - Israeli military holds exercise along Lebanon border
    The exercise, led by the 769th Brigade, was planned in advance.
    Earlier this month, “surprise military exercises” were held near the border with Lebanon in an effort to boost the readiness of the Israeli “army combat and logistics units." The drill dubbed “Warm Winter 2” involved some 8,000 serving soldiers and 5,000 reservists and was aimed at preparing for "sudden events and various scenarios in the northern area" including clashes with Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies in the region.
    769 - Arnon אַרְנוֹן "a roaring stream," a wadi and stream in Moab
    Joshua 12:2 - from the same as Aran
    Or Arnon {ar-nohn'}; from ranan; a brawling stream; the Arnon, a river east of the Jordan, 
    also its territory -- Arnon.
    ranan: to give a ringing cry - Hebrew: רָנַן
    Psalm 67:4 - be glad and sing for joy: for thou shalt judge

    "Peace" talks with Ukraine & Russia

    "Safety" messages with Covid / pandemic officially over 
    China, Germany & Israeli news reports

    6.5 M first reported on QuakeFeed app 
    M 6.0 - 288 km SE of Isangel, Vanuatu
    - island of Tanna ["earth"]Tafea Province.
    2022-12-28 16:34:20 (UTC)21.262°S 171.363°E10.0 km depth
    Angel - Greek word ἄγγελος (angelos) meaning "messenger"
    Angel Island, San Francisco 

    Pope Benedict, 95, is very ill - Pope Francis asks for prayers

    Dec 26 - King Charles III has received a belated Christmas gift at Sandringham House, where he and the Royal Family have traditionally spent the festive season since 1988.
    Horse: "Steal A March" has won big for the Royal Family. The seven-year-old bay gelding was also victorious in the handicap hurdle at Bangor on June 4, which fell on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend. In an interview with Racing Post, Steal A March's jockey, Nico de Boinville, called the win "very special" and said that it was a "big honor to ride for Her Majesty."
    "Steal A March"- gain an advantage over (someone) by acting before they do:
    Gain an advantage over unexpectedly or secretly
    This phrase derives from the military manoeuvre of moving troops secretly, in order to gain an advantage. It has been used since at least the early 18th century, when it was cited in the London Gazette, 1716:
    "We saw him... steal a March for our Preservation."
    kleptó: to steal - Greek: κλέπτω
    kleptés: a thief who steals by stealth (in secret) - Greek: κλέπτης, ου, ὁ
    John 10:10 
    1 Thessalonians 5:2 
    Revelation 3:3

    33 killed in Philippine flood

    1962 - Prayer removed in school - made illegal (June 26 AZ newspaper)
    60th anniversary in 2022 
    Jonathan Cahn identifies three ancient gods that affect our modern culture today. Watch to learn about the dark trinity.
    US Civil War Shiloh battle of 1862 - nation in division
    - 100 years later - Prayer outlawed - divided nation!
    23 Sivan 5722 - June 25, 1962:

    The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed the New York State Regent's Prayer in public schools
    60 years ago - June 25, 1962 (prayer) June 17, 1963 (bible reading) were declared unconstitutional for US schools. 
    1962 hayyah: calamity - Hebrew: הַיָּה - Job 6:2
    1942. havvah: desire, chasm, destruction - Hebrew: הַוָּה
    1933. hava' (compare 'avah, hayah) - to be, breathe, fall 

    Ezekiel 33:21
    And it came to pass in the twelfth year of our captivity, in the tenth month, on the fifth day of the month, that one who had escaped from Jerusalem came to me and said, “The city has been captured!
    nakah: to smite, attack, destroy, capture - Hebrew: נָכָה
    Thursday, December 29, 2022 - 5 Tevet, 5783 (5th day of 10th month)
    1600 years ago!!!!!!News of Jerusalem's Defeat Reaches Babyonia (422 BCE)
    In 434 BCE, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon invaded Judea, exiling King Jehoiachin and thousands of Judean notables to Babylon. Eleven years later, the Nebuchadnezzar’s army invaded Jerusalem again, setting fire to the Temple and massacring its inhabitants. The tragic news reached the Babylonian exiles five months later, on 5 Teves 422 BCE (Ezekiel 33:21). According to a minority opinion, this day is commemorated as a fast day (Talmud, Tractate Rosh Hashanah 18b).

    Dec 29 - Close approach of the Moon and Jupiter

    Ezekiel 37 - The Valley of Dry Bones
    3772. karath: to cut off, cut down - Hebrew: כָּרַת
    Genesis 9:11, Isaiah 37:24
    37 Greek: hagiazó: to make holy, consecrate, sanctify - ἁγιάζω
    Matthew 6:9, Hebrews 10:10, 29 (40. hagios)

    Dec 29 - 5 Tevet - Knesset to swear in Israel’s 37th government as Netanyahu returns to power
    The 37th government of Israel has been sworn in - (AA) 
    Netanyahu returns as PM, wins Knesset support for Israel’s most hardline government
    Netanyahu presents new government’s agenda; Lapid: ‘Try not to destroy the country’
    Comeback Kid: How Netanyahu Took Back Power After 18 Months in Exile
    Benjamin Netanyahu sworn in as leader of Israel’s likely most right-wing government ever
    Benjamin Netanyahu sworn in for sixth term as Israel’s prime minister
    Special broadcast as Netanyahu presents his new government at the Knesset
    speaking to revelers - "break wall" 
    "feel like Messi ... 6th time x 3  sense of mission ... 16 leaders
    Outside of Knesset: protest sign "Biblical Disaster" 
    "and we now look forward to the next 25 years which will bring us to Israel's. Centenary in the next four years we all work so that when we celebrate Israel's. 100th anniversary Israel will be a world Powerhouse that flourishes and is strong"
    Likud’s Amir Ohana becomes Israel’s first openly gay Knesset speaker

    Dec 29 - The date has been set for Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg’s wedding. The Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg revealed on Thursday that Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s daughter will marry Nicolas Bagory in a civil wedding on April 22, 2023. The civil ceremony will take place at the Town Hall of the City of Luxembourg. The couple will also have a religious wedding a week later on April 29 at the Church of Saint Trophyme in Bormes-les-Mimosa, France.
    April 22 2023 = 7th Day of Passover / April 28 =Yom HaShoahIsrael Statehood
    April 29/30 - Partial Solar Eclipse

    Dec 29 - Pelé, transcendent soccer superstar and Brazilian ‘national treasure,’ dies at 82. Pele, king of 'beautiful game,' dies at 82
    The "first GOAT" #10 (like Messi) - top 77 goals (23 Oct 1940–29 Dec 2022)
    Edson Arantes do Nascimento "birth, rising, nativity"

    Dec 29 - Max Margrave of Baden died in the early morning hours in Salem Castle. Maximilian, Margrave of Baden, passed away at the age of 89 at Schloss Salem. He was King Charles's first cousin through Prince Philip's sister, Theodora. He is succeeded by his son, Bernhard, and will have two memorial services. 
    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921–2021) (He later attended the British Salem School at Gordonstoun, as did his sons)

    Dec 29 - Miss Ukraine’s outfit for the Miss Universe pageant’s national costume competition was a “Warrior of Light” ensemble commended worldwide for its symbolism. Like Archangel Michael, who defends Ukraine with a sword, it protects us.”
    Jan 14 - Miss Universe pageant in New Orleans

    Santos means "the saints" / Santo means "holy or sacred"

    Dec 30 - Barbara Walters, news pioneer and 'The View' creator, dies at 93

    Dec 30 - Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother, Hiraba, died at the age of 100 on Friday morning. She breathed her last at around 3.30 am.
    The “besnu” or prayer meet for Hiraben Damodardas Modi will be held at Vadnagar in Mehsana district on January 1 between 9 AM and noon
    Born June 18, 1923 - 99th birthday start of 100th year - foot washing
    Karma Yogi follows the path of righteousness - The one who lives his/her life as an expression of happiness, not as a pursuit of happiness.

    12-31-21 - Betty White died at 99 yrs.

    Dec 31 - Pope Benedict XVI dies at 95 yrs. 
    Pope Francis will celebrate the funeral for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who died Saturday at 95, on Thursday, according to the Vatican – an unprecedented occasion for a current pope to celebrate the funeral of a former pope.


    Give Honor - Family Prayer
    Ex 20:12 - Matthew 19:19
    Monthly Prayer Calendar (great tool for any family member or others) (pdf to print)

    Mazzaroth Report 11/26/22 Upcoming Sky Events in 2023

    10 Crops To FEED You Through Winter!

    Updates throughout the month.

    More December Events – Continuing and Past

    The Battle Is The Lord’s | A Powerful Morning Prayer Against The Enemy (VICTORY IS YOURS) 

    CLOSE TO YOU (Ballad of John the Beloved) LIVE at the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem