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Triumphal Arch of Palmyra, Syria – Part 2

Tadmor - Palmyra
And Solomon built Tadmor in the wilderness,
and all the store cities, which he built in Hamath.
2 Chronicles 8:4

Palmyra is an ancient city of central Syria, located in an oasis 130 miles (210 km) NE of Damascus. Once dubbed the "Bride of the Desert," Palmyra was a vital stop for caravans crossing the Syrian desert. Palmyra was mentioned in the Old Testament as being fortified by Solomon and it flourished in Roman times.  The Greek name for the city, Palmyra is a translation of its original Aramaic name, Tadmor, which means 'palm tree'.  Tadmor is mentioned in the Bible (2 Chronicles 8:4) as a desert city that was fortified by King Solomon.

The Monumental Arch, also called the Arch of Triumph (Arabic: قوس النصر‎‎) or the Arch of Septimius Severus, was a Roman ornamental archway in Palmyra, Syria. It was built in the 3rd century during the reign of emperor Septimius Severus.  The Arch linked the main street of the Colonnade and the Temple of Bel

Ruins of Palmyra and Baalbek (1938) - Historic video 9:46 minutes 

Palmyra Arch replica displayed in:

London, UK – Trafalgar Square – April 19-21, 2016 
Manhattan/NYC – City Hall Park – September 19-23, 2016 
Dubai, UAE - World Government Summit at Madinat Jumeirah - February 12-14, 2017
Florence, Italy - Palazzo della Signoria - March 27-April 27, 2017
- Palazzo Vecchio during the G7 Cultural Summit
Arona, Italy - Museum of Archaeology – April 29-July 30 – extended to Sept 30, 2017
Washington, D.C. – National Mall – September 26-30, 2018
The Hague, The Netherlands - Peace Palace - October 17-Nov. 7, 2018
Geneva, Switzerland  - UN Palace of Nations - April 12-27, 2019
?? Palmyra, Syria   (Paris was also a suggested site)??? – TBA

Sponsors of 3D replica project: 
Institute for Digital Archaeology, Oxford University, Dubai Future Foundation (DFF)
TorArt facilities in Carrara, Italy carved the arch out of pure Egyptian marble.

April 2016 - September 30, 2017 Timeline Details:  (Part 1)

Palmyra Arch replica displayed during Biblical Feast Days:

London, UK – Passover – April 19-21, 2016
Manhattan/NYC – Feast of Tabernacles/Succoth – September 19-23, 2016
Dubai, UAE – 2 days after Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - February 12-14, 2017
Florence, Italy – Through Passover - March 27-April 27, 2017
Arona, Italy – Through Pentecost  – April 29-July 30 – extended to Sept 30, 2017 
Washington, D.C. – Feast of Tabernacles/Succoth – September 26-30, 2018

Geneva, Switzerland - Passover & Days of Unleavened Bread – April 12-27, 2019
?? Palmyra, Syria   (Paris was also a suggested site) – TBA ???

An oasis in the Syrian desert, north-east of Damascus, Palmyra contains the monumental ruins of a great city that was one of the most important cultural centres of the ancient world. From the 1st to the 2nd century, the art and architecture of Palmyra, standing at the crossroads of several civilizations, married Graeco-Roman techniques with local traditions and Persian influences.

Site of Palmyra (UNESCO/NHK) - Ancient caravan site - Video 2:52 minutes

2018 - UN NYC Exhibit
August 6-17, 2018  @ IDA - UN in NYC - Old Cities - New Eyes (Palmyra Arch) 
Visit the IDA at the United Nations Headquarters, August 6th to August 17th
The Institute for Digital Archaeology is proud to announce that its Preserving Syrian Heritage Project has been awarded a major three year grant from the British Council. Read more at 
In addition, Oxford University has awarded the IDA's Dr. Alexy Karenowska and the Triumphal Arch Project its annual Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Public Engagement with Research.  

Triumphal Arch in the News  - Timeline September 30, 2017 to 2018

United Nations – Palmyra and Syrian pagan artifacts:

UNOC Geneva, Palace of Nations - April 12-27, 2019  - Palmyra Triumphal Arch 
UN International Court, The Hague - Oct-Nov 2018 - Syrian Heritage 
UN, NYC - August 6-17, 2018 Old Cities - New Eyes - Palmyra Triumphal Arch Project
UN, NYC - Nov 21-Dec 1 The Spirit in the Stone: The Indelible Face of Cultural Heritage
UN, Rome - Nov 29-Dec 1 - Temple of Bel ceiling - Palmyra, Rising from Destruction
UNESCO, Paris - November - Nimrud’s Lamassu stands proud at @UNESCO HQ

October 17-Nov. 7, 2018 - Peace Palace "Temple of Peace" - City of Peace and Justice
The Hague, The Netherlands 

September 26-30, 2018  - Join the IDA for the unveiling of the Triumphal Arch on the National Mall in Washington DC on September 26, 2:30 PM
The IDA's flagship exhibit, the replica Triumphal Arch of Palmyra, will be displayed in Washington D.C. from September 26 - 30 2018.
These dates coincide with Sukkot / Feast of Tabernacles days 2 through 6 of the 8 day festival. 
 - Reflections of the display in NYC during Sukkot 2016 
 - September 19, 2016 - unveiled in NYC's City Hall Park in Manhattan.

On Sept. 2, 2018, an enormous fire destroyed the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.  Brazil's fire shows museums are broken. Here's how to fix them
We’ve got the technology to record, share and recreate objects at the click of a mouse, so why are we still filling huge buildings with priceless artefacts?
For an idea of how we can rethink museums, look to Syria. In 2016, the Institute of Digital Archeology created a scaled replica of the 2,000-year-old Palmyra Arch of Triumph, 
 Think of a museum this way and in some circumstances even replicas can develop their own auras. The Palmyra Arch of Triumph started out being seen as a copy, but since being exhibited in public it has become a monument in its own right. It has taken on its own significance. 
5 September 2018 -

August 6 - 17th, 2018 - The United Nations Headquarters, New York City
An IDA exhibition, in association with the UK Permanent Mission to the United Nations, featuring virtual reality experiences, state-of-the-art 3D modelling, and never-before-seen photographs. Showcasing the importance and fragility of cultural heritage through the lens of 200 years of imaging technology, the 
exhibition takes as its subjects two vibrant, multicultural cities: the ancient 
Syrian city of Palmyra and the city of London. 
Through them, we highlight the importance of cultural heritage to our sense of personal and community identity and explore its power to  underline our shared humanity.  / / 

Recent articles of Palymra:

Ancient city of Palmyra, which was almost destroyed by ISIS jihadis, could re-open to tourists next year after extensive restorations
Palmyra was once the most visited tourist attraction in the Middle East
It was twice captured by ISIS jihadis, who went about destroying sculptures 
Russian experts from a Moscow museum have been working to restore artefacts
he Temple of Baalshamin, which was later destroyed by Islamic State. It was dedicated to the Canaanite sky god Baalshamin after being constructed sometime in the 2nd century BC. In the 5th century AD, it was converted into a Christian church
The museum is said to house a collection of clay tablets dating back to 2400-2300 BC, which bear witness to the invention of the first alphabet. 
Palmyra, situated about 130 miles northeast of Damascus, is known by Syrians as the 'Bride of the Desert'.
It was an important caravan city of the Roman Empire, linking it to India, China and Persia.
09:31 EDT, 5 September 2018

Ancient City of Palmyra, Gravely Damaged by ISIS, May Reopen Next Year
Between 2015 and 2017, militants wreaked havoc on the site’s ancient treasures

Syria's Palmyra to be ready for tourists by summer 2019 as cost to rebuild Homs reaches $2bn
Authorities says they have received "good offers from the world powers" to help conserve ancient sites
24th August 2018

Battle-scarred Palmyra will be ready for tourists next summer – Syrian officials
Published time: 16 Aug, 2018 17:15
Edited time: 17 Aug, 2018 12:29

Syrian Palmyra will be ready to receive tourists in the summer of 2019, Homs provincial governor Talal Barazi said on Wednesday.

Call it Palmyra’: Kadyrov says new missile should be named in honor of Russian heroism in Syria
Published time: 2 Mar, 2018 12:42 - Edited time: 14 Aug, 2018 12:38
The head of the Chechen Republic has proposed to name the newest Russian cruise missile Palmyra, to honor Russian servicemen who fought international terrorism in Syria.
“The name of the city of Palmyra can be translated as ‘miracle’. Russia’s victory in Palmyra has become a turning point in the fight against Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS]. Besides, our president is from St. Petersburg, the city that is often called the northern Palmyra. In my view, the name ‘Palmyra’ for this missile recalls the names of everyone who selflessly fought evil,” Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in his Telegram blog.

St. Petersburg is often called the Northern capital of Russia, the Palmyra of the North, or the Northern Venice.
Since the 18th century St. Petersburg has often been compared to the ancient Syrian city, deserving perhaps the unofficial title of “Palmyra of the North”. Both cities were funded in inhospitable, harsh settings and they both became centers of great beauty and cultural flourish. Parallelisms were drawn between Empress Catherine the Great and the queen of Palmyra, Zenobia, both well-known for their enlightened governance.
St. Petersburg - Northern Capital of Russia -

Syrian refugees to be trained to rebuild Palmyra and other heritage sites
World Monuments Fund launches scheme to teach traditional stone masonry in Jordanian town of Mafraq
“There has been enormous destruction in Palmyra, Nimrud and Aleppo,” says John Darlington, the executive director of the World Monuments Fund 

“Spirit in Stone”: Exhibition in UN Headquarters, New York - Nov. 21, 2017
6:00PM The Spirit in the Stone: The Indelible Face of Cultural Heritage  
– Exhibit hosted by Italy


“Spirit in Stone”: an exhibition in New York on Italian technology used to protect cultural heritage

The IDA’s Newest Reproduction @ The United Nations
The UN Welcomes Al-lat Home

More November 2017 Exhibits - Paris and Rome:

Irina Bokova‏    Nov 6
Nimrud’s Lamassu stands proud at @UNESCO HQ
Thanks to Italy, Association Incontro della Civilita & Iraqi Minister Rwandzi. unite4heritage
Francesco Rutelli, Italy at UNESCO, Unite4Heritage and 7 others

The Incontro di Civiltà Association is also currently sponsoring an exhibit of its reconstructed winged Bull of Nimrud at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, through November 2017.
Remembering last year:  October-December 2016 Rome exhibit:

Palmyra, Rising from Destruction, an exhibition of part of the ceiling of the Temple of Bel using 3D printing tecnhinques. Measures about 4 m x1.5m, it weighs190 kg. The detail is really impressive. iccromga
The 30th General Assembly of ICCROM, Via di San Michele 13 - Rome, Italy
International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property was established in Rome in 1959.
The exhibit Palmyra: Rising from Destruction, a joins a reconstructed archaeological element and a heritage objects related to that site. 

Ceiling of the Temple of Bel, Palmyra
The monumental temple dedicated to Bel, the main deity of Palmyra, was built inside a large, roughly square enclosure, with sides nearly 200 m long. It was dedicated on 6 Nisan (April) 32 CE, a date likely chosen to commemorate the victory of the Babylonian god Marduk over Tiamat, the embodiment of chaos.

In the monolith’s central circle is depicted the god Bel, Lord of the skies who governs the motion of the stars. He is surrounded by six busts, personifications of the six planets known at the time —  Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon — and by a band with the twelve signs of the Zodiac.
The exhibition will be held in Rome starting from November 29th until December 1st, 2017, with the participation of 135 countries.
‘Palmyra will rise again. We have to send a message to terrorists’
Syrian forces are closing in on the ancient citadel. Now comes the task of assessing the destruction caused by Isis and rebuilding the city’s temples

Getty Villa Museum - Bel-Air, Los Angeles
Palmyra, Plato and Play Doh: Getty Plans New Shows for Renovated Villa
That gallery's first show, a three-year exhibition, will feature funerary relief portraits from Palmyra, an ancient Syrian city that flourished during  ...
That gallery’s first show, open for more than a year, will feature funerary relief portraits from Palmyra, an ancient Syrian city that flourished during the Roman Empire, owned by the museum Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen. “This is the finest selection of Palmyra sculpture outside of Syria,” said Mr. Potts, who earned his Ph.D. at Oxford in Middle Eastern art and archaeology before entering the museum field.
The Getty Villa - Visit the ancient world of Greece and Rome
Head of Athena, by an unknown Greek artist, 160–150 B.C.

Bel-Air, Los Angeles - As fires raged out of control across Southern California, 
a new blaze erupted in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, near iconic landmarks like the U.C.L.A. campus and the Getty Museum, home to old masters paintings and ancient Roman statues.
Temple of Bel, cella entrance (detail), Jean Baptiste Réville and Pierre Gabriel Berthault after Louis-François Cassas, 1799. From Voyage pittoresque de la Syrie, de la Phoénicie, de la Palestine, et de la Basse Egypte (Paris, 1799),
Banner image: Caravan en route to Palmyra, anonymous artist after Louis-François Cassas, ca. 1799. Proof-plate etching. The Getty Research Institute, 840011
Palmyra: Loss and Remembrance - Upcoming, April 18, 2018 - May 27, 2019

Paris / Palmyra Arch
 - War in Heaven! To Battleground Earth! Full Armor!
Great overview of the arches, obelisks, and Paris alignments, etc.
A reminder of the 2016 exhibit in Paris
2016: Dec 14 – Jan 9 – Palmyra 3D Exhibition - Grand Palais, Paris
From Bamiyan to Palmyra. A journey to the heart of universal heritage.

Updated after April 15, 2019 Notre Dame Cathedral fire

The Axe historique is a line of monuments, buildings and thoroughfares that extends from the centre of Paris, France, to the west. It is also known as the Voie Triomphale ("triumphal way").

The Avenue des Champs-Élysées with the famous Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, Luxor Obelisk, Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and the glass Louvre Pyramid. 
Pairs base image from Unleashing Sudden Red -
Informedchristians - Published on May 10, 2016
… we heard the Biblical signal of 'Peace and Safety'. Now, our attention is being brought back to the place and time - coupled with the Arch of Triumph.

The matching Paris obelisk twin was left in Luxor, Egypt for a reason.  They moved three similar ones at great expense and effort, yet left the one in Luxor - the alignment and placement appears to have a purpose.  Obelisks at Paris (twin in Egypt), London & New York (pair).

Obelisk and ferris wheel images:

Paris – Palmyra exhibits
2016: Dec 14 – Jan 9 – Palmyra 3D Exhibition - Grand Palais, Paris
From Bamiyan to Palmyra. A journey to the heart of universal heritage.

A French startup is using drones and AI to save the world’s architectural heritage
The first exhibition we did was with the Louvre in Paris at the Grand Palais for an exhibition called Sites Éternels …

Paris Peace Conference opened on 18 January 1919. This date was symbolic, as it was the anniversary of the proclamation of William I as German Emperor in 1871, in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, shortly before the end of the Siege of Paris. The League of Nations was founded as a result. It was the first worldwide intergovernmental organisation whose principal mission was to maintain world peace. The League lasted for 26 years; the United Nations (UN) replaced it.  The Palmyra Arch replica was showcased at the Geneva UNOG site.

Arona arch located by nativity scene - pointing toward Christ's birth (Sept. 11) or Christmas time?
Birth of Messiah on Sept 11/Feast of Trumpets/Yom Kippur/Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashanah -

Arch of Triumph of Palmyra, Syria – Tammy’s Blogs
Part 1 – April 2016 – Sept 30, 2017 – London, Manhattan, Dubai, Florence, Arona
Part 2 – Timeline review – Palmyra, Carrara, Italy, Marble, Florence, Arona, Insights
Part 3 – Sept. 2018 – D.C., Columbus, Illinois and Roman Emperor Septimius Severus
Part 4 - Oct.-Nov., 2018 – The Hague, The Netherlands
Part 5 – Dec.1, 2018 – London's Victoria & Albert Museum Cast Court Exhibit
Part 6 – April 2019 – Palace of Nations, UNCOG Geneva

But the Lord is the true God, he is the living God,
and an everlasting king: at his wrath the earth shall tremble,
and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation.
Jeremiah 10:10

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